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Samhain Ritual November 4, 2017

Samhain is such a special time of year for so many of us, join us for our Samhain Ritual, presented by Stephanie and friends.

Saturday Nov. 4, 2017
gather at 7:30pm, ritual starts at 8pm, followed by potluck socializing
Hattie Porter Room, First Unitarian Church of San Jose
160 North Third Street, San Jose.
Enter by coming up the right side of the building, along stairs or ramp to top. (site is wheelchair accessible)

Donation: $10-20 so we can pay for our room rental it’s expensive in the South Bay.
Please bring food or drink to share during the potluck.

Celebration of Life for L. Marion

Saturday October 21, 2017
gather starting from 3pm, a ritual at 4, potluck
at a private home in San Jose, email or call our contacts for address/more info.

Anyone who’s been part of SBC before last year should know who she was. Treasurer for the first 28 years. Womaning the door, setting up the food table, teaching many people.

We lost her early this year, now as we approach Samhain we are taking a breather to remember and celebrate her.

Fall Ritual: Harvest Home, Sat. Sept. 23, 2017 <-- note date

cornucopia image

South Bay Circles Presents:

Harvest Home 2017
A Time of Balance
With Laughing Blue Jays Coven and Friends

Saturday, September 23
Gather at 4:00, Ritual at 4:30
Unitarian Universalist Church of Palo Alto
505 E. Charleston Rd.
Palo Alto, CA 94306

Requested donation: $10-20 sliding scale (goes towards our site rentals)

Potluck feast follows ritual: bring a main dish, side dish, salad, dessert, or beverage to share.

Save the Dates – Fall and Samhain Rituals

Official announcements with more details to come, but for now I’d just like to give a heads up to you about the next two rituals.

Fall Equinox Ritual will be Sat Sept 23 at Palo Alto Unitarian Church – ritual start time will probably be 5pm with gathering time 30 min to an hour beforehand. Presented by Laughing BlueJays.

Samhain Ritual will be the evening of Sat Nov 4 at the Unitarian Universalist San Jose Church Presented by Stephanie and friends.

Keep your eye out for the fuller announcements, but save room on your calendar. 🙂

Lammas Ritual July 23 2017

Come As You Are to…

South Bay Circles and CAYA Pagan Congregation’s Festival of Heart and Harvest!

This is the time of year when we celebrate the work we have done and the bountiful harvest we have created. We reflect on the sacrifices we’ve made to ensure that our labors are rewarded, and share with each other the glorious results of those endeavors!

The most valuable crop we harvest, and that which makes our harvest possible, is our community! We share the best of ourselves, we support one another, and when challenged, we prevail through our strong and ever-renewing commitment which is at the heart of our community.

Join us at our joyous communal feast & ritual as we honor the Earth Goddess Anu, Goddess of fertility and prosperity and Dagda, The Good God, Master of magic and God of the Earth.

We will be sitting on the earth during this ritual, so if mobility is a concern, please bring a camp chair to sit upon within the circle. Blankets will be provided.

We will be sharing in a potluck feast after ritual, so if you are able, please bring a dish clearly labeled (Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-free, Carnivorous) with enough to share. If you have dietary restrictions, please bring a dish that you can enjoy.

$10-$20 sliding scale donation requested to cover the costs of renting the site. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Sunday, July 23, 2017
Gather at 4pm.
Ritual will begin at 5pm.

Park In San Jose.
Please email
or call Bianca 408 623 5048

Midsummer Ritual – Fri June 16, 2017

South Bay Circles Midsummer Ritual
presented by Jason Mankey and Friends

Friday, June 16,2017
Gather at 7:30pm ritual starts at 8pm
Palo Alto Unitarian-Universalist Church
505 E. Charleston Ave, Palo Alto, CA
Meet at Fireside room – circle will be outside.

Please bring $10-15 donation to help us pay for room rental, none turned away for lack of funds

Please bring something to share for the after ritual potluck and socializing.

Beltane Ritual & 30th Anniversary – Sat April 29, 2017

Saturday, April 29, 2017
gather at 2PM, Ritual at 3PM
Held in San Jose, CA – For location
Please email or call Bianca (408) 623 5048

Summer is a coming in and Winter’s gone away!

Come join South Bay Circle’s 30th Anniversary ritual, Beltane!

From Green Man to Maypole we bring you songs from the wood. Come drink from our cup of wonder.

Reconnect with the natural world at a lovely park as we make merry and bring in the May.

Please bring a blanket or folding chair if you think you’ll need to sit during ritual.

Festive dress encouraged! Usual Potluck dish for post-ritual feast.

Donation of $5-$10 will help us pay for use of the site, no one ever turned away for lack of funds.

Site is disability accessible and very close to parking.

For more information and location of site, please contact us.

or call Bianca (408) 623 5048

Ostara – March 18, 2017

South Bay Circles is proud to present South Bay Pagan Kids in our 2017 Ostara ritual. Help usher in the Spring and find out from where the Easter/Ostara bunny comes. Fill your heart and soul with the child-like joy.

It will be on Saturday March 18, 2017. Doors open at 1 pm, ritual starts at 2 pm

Oddfellows Hall: 20589 W. Homestead Rd. Cupertino CA 95014, there is plenty of parking in the lot behind the hall.

Feel free to bring your drums, rhythm sticks, and other percussion instruments but, please no pitched instruments like bells as they probably won’t match the music key and might clash.

Please bring a dish to share and/or beverages and a $10 donation (for rent and insurance), though no will be turned away for lack of funds

South Bay Pagan Kids is a cross-tradition gathering of Pagan families with children who meet to celebrate the Sabbats and learn in Moon School. We share food and music, traditions and knowledge, crafts and dancing. We are eclectic Wicca, Druid, Dianic, British Traditionalists, and are open to and looking for more varieties. We seek to share and learn from each other while providing support in a fun and nurturing environment.

For more information about SBPK, please check out and

Save the date for Beltane

Beltane will be Saturday April 29, 2017, gather at 2pm, ritual at 3pm. In a glorious park. Save the date! Invitations will be available at Ostara. Beltane will mark 30 years of South Bay Circles Sabbats.

Bridget Ritual – Imbolc – Sat. Jan 28 2017

flyer w ritual infoBack by popular request!

For Imbolc, LunaCirca will be presenting our encountering the 3 Bridgets ritual.

Meet Bridget in her forms of Healer, Smith, and Poet.

We will undertake personal visits with the Goddess Bridget in 3 forms for healing, transformation and inspiration which we will bring back to energize us, support us, and carry us prepared into Spring.

Date/Time: Sat Jan 28, 2017, Gather: 6:30 pm, Ritual: 7 pm
Place: First Unitarian Church of San Jose, 160 N. Third Street, San Jose
Room: Hattie Porter Hall, come up the right side of church to enter, site is acceptable
Donation: $10 requested donation to pay for our room rental/insurance; no one turned away for inability to pay.

Please bring a food or beverage that you enjoy for the potluck that will follow the ritual.

Parking meters are free after 6pm, There is a city garage at 3rd & St James with a $5 flat rate 1/2 block from church if you don’t happen to see an open street spot in your walk radius.
LunaCirca is an open women’s circle (inclusive definition of self-identified woman) that has been part of South Bay Circles since 1987.

Yule Ritual 2016

Join us for Yule 2016 Dec. 18th, Gather 4:30 pm, Circle 5:00 pm
Enjoy Music for the Season.

Yule – 2016 Sol Invictus – The Invincible Sun

Oddfellows Hall: 20589 W. Homestead Rd. Cupertino Ca. 95014

Ample Off Street Parking

Potluck Feast follows Event

Air Signs: Salads

Earth Signs: Entrees

Fire Signs: Deserts

Water Signs: Drinks

All Welcome. Suggested donation $10-$15 to cover event expenses Insurance etc. – No one turned away due to lack of funds.YuYui